Choosing A Setting for Your Party

After you’ve created the guest list, the next thing is to determine where you will have your party location or the venue for the event. You could hold the party in your backyard as I did for our going away celebration. You can also have it in your dining room, family room or even a large hall, depending on the amount of guests you will have.

Having A Cocktail Party

Having A Cocktail Party

My kitchen has an open floor plan and is located in the center of the house, and I often have many parties centered on there. Decide on your location with the comfort of your guests in mind. Make it easy to access, and have enough chairs for everyone to sit on. There is nothing more uncomfortable then going to a party without enough seating areas and your guests will end up having to stand all night! I’ve been to several of those parties and end up sitting on the floor which is not a good scene.

Even if it’s only a cocktail party, where people tend to congregate around the food, most guests like to sit down at some point during the evening. Once you determine where, you can move on to the decor of the room such as table settings or some festive decorating which can be added to give an overall mood to your party. Doing these things also communicate to your guests in a subtle way that they are important to you!

Music is another way to add ambiance to the setting. There are so many different genres that you can choose from such as, jazz, rock, classical, contemporary, or country. You can easily find a good mixture by finding a good Pandora channel or a mixture of CDs or iTunes collections. Feel free to choose the music that you and your guest will enjoy, regardless of what type of food you will be serving.

A band is not really necessary unless it is a bigger event. But even in such events, bands are not essential. They tend to be more costly then playing music collections or even hiring a DJ. I would recommend going the least expensive way as possible unless you know of some gifted musicians who will play for cheap! If so, feel free to explore that option.